Program Evaluation Support & Tools

Every organization needs to know how well their prevention program works and every prevention professional wants to determine what type of positive impact they are having on their participants.  

That's why at Prevention Plus Wellness we developed free evaluation tools including pre and posttest surveys.  Simply have your participants complete the surveys immediately before and after the PPW program lesson.

We also provide PPW program providers with an Instructor's Survey to assess program implementation quality 

Instructors complete their survey immediately after providing each PPW program lesson to assess and monitor program implementation excellence.

These data collection instruments are included with PPW programs and are also available in easy to implement online versions.

Just request your free customized links (or QR codes) for your pretest and posttest surveys and Instructor’s Survey from us at:

In addition, we will provide you and your organization with online SurveyMonkey charts and raw data highlighting your participating youth group's pre and post-program and Instructor’s Survey results.  

See sample evaluation tools below.    

Online Evaluation Instruments:

1) Online Survey for High/Middle School Programs: (Request customized link or QR code for your organization)

2) Online Survey for Elementary School Programs: (Request customized link or QR code or your organization)

3) Online Youth Health Behavior Survey (Optional): (Request customized link or QR code for your organization)

4) Online Instructor's Survey: (Request customized link for your organization)

5) Online Fidelity Checklist: (Request customized link for your organization)

For information and directions contact us BEFORE you begin collecting survey data: (904) 472-5022, or email:  

Check out our program evaluation services: