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Welcome to InShape Wellness Weight Loss (WWL)InShape WWL is a quick and easy to use brief intervention for prevention and health professionals, peer leaders and others who want to promote weight loss and weight control among adults through increasing healthy lifestyle behaviors.  

InShape WWL is great for promoting the mental and physical wellbeing and resiliency of any group.  It’s also the perfect tool for promoting physical activity, healthy eating, food mindfulness, sleep, and stress control, while avoiding unhealthy alcohol and drug misuse that can sabotage weight loss and maintenance efforts.  

InShape WWL is founded on the evidence based InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program which has been shown to increase healthy habits and prevent substance misuse.  It utilizes an evidence-based practices screening and brief intervention format recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). 

InShape WWL is the only single-session motivational program designed to reduce and control weight by increasing wellness-enhancing behaviors through weekly goal setting. It can be implemented in any setting including community, health care, professional training, recreation, worksites, and others.

 InShape WWL is founded on the Behavior-Image Model, a wellness-related framework that targets naturally motivating positive peer and desired future images to increase motivation for change and multiple health behavior goal setting to increase self-regulation skills and self-efficacy of participants.  

InShape WWL takes about 60 minutes to implement, is highly flexible and can be used as a stand-alone intervention or training session, or as an add-on component to other professional, prevention, health, weight loss, fitness, recreation, education, intervention, or treatment programs.  

The InShape WWL program was designed to help adults lose and maintain weight loss and look and feel more active, fit, and healthy using a three-step process of:

  1. Screening adults for their current health habits to increase awareness of their behaviors;
  2. Providing feedback cuing desired future images and the benefits of engaging in key wellness behaviors associated with weight loss and how substance misuse harms them, to increase motivation for change; and
  3. Presenting a goal plan and contract to have adults set and monitor goals to increase wellness-promoting habits that will lead to weight loss and weight maintenance.           

Your InShape WWL program comes with a manual and a digital download of all reproducible materials needed to implement your program to countless participants. 

The InShape WWL program includes:   

  • Step-by-step implementation directions;
  • A brief self-administered wellness behavior screening survey;
  • A script for easy presentation of the lesson that introduces positive image content linking wellness, weight loss and substance use behaviors;
  • A set of colorful slides with illustrations of adults modeling wellness habits;
  • A goal plan/contract for motivating, initiating and maintaining multiple behavior change;
  • Healthy Behavior Goal Setting Goals & Tips;
  • Online or paper adult pretest and posttest surveys to evaluate immediate program effectiveness;
  • An online or paper instructor’s survey to assess the quality of the lesson presentation;
  • An online or paper fidelity checklist to increase implementation reliability;
  • Online resources to support program implementation and evaluation;
  • Phone and email program support; and
  • Separate online or onsite certified training workshops to learn how to provide the InShape WWL program, or train others to implement it, with fidelity and maximum effectiveness. 

    We know you will find InShape Wellness Weight Loss an easy, enjoyable, and effective way to promote healthy weight loss and weight maintenance leading to greater mental and physical wellbeing for adults in your organization and region.      

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