Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC Donates to Feeding Starving Children

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC Donates to Feeding Starving Children

A critical part of our mission at Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC includes donating 10% of net proceeds from the sales of our substance use prevention programs and training to charities that serve the basic needs of the most poor and vulnerable children in America and the world.    

This is in addition to our primary company vision to protect all children, youth and young adults from substance use harm while also promoting the development of physically active and healthy lifestyles and positive identities.  

When donating to foundations aimed at helping youth, we choose only top-rated charities listed on Charity Watch

The first quarter of 2018, Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) is donating to Feed My Starving Children.  

This A-rated foundation’s mission is to feed starving children and eliminate starvation in children throughout the world.   

We thank all our first-quarter customers who made this important contribution to helping feed hungry children in America and the world.  

May God bless you. 

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Chudley Edward Werch, PhD, President

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC

3595 Forest Bend Terrace

Jacksonville, FL 32224, USA 

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