Webinar: In God’s Image: Evidence-Informed Prevention Plus Wellness

Webinar Objectives: 

  • Describe the need for youth programs that prevent alcohol, tobacco & marijuana use & increase physical & spiritual fitness
  • Explain the components, lessons & implementation steps for the evidence-informed In God’s Image (IGI) program
  • Review some of the IGI PowerPoint program messages & images
  • Get special prevention program discounts 

Length: Approximately 30 minutes 

Date: Tuesday December 12th 

Time: 11:30am EST/8:30am PST 

Registration Link: https://preventionpluswellness.clickmeeting.com/in-god-s-image-evidence-informed-prevention-plus-wellness/register?_ga=2.236000449.1373400342.1511621463-1054605199.1509132721 

Webinar Room Link: https://preventionpluswellness.clickmeeting.com/in-god-s-image-evidence-informed-prevention-plus-wellness?_ga=2.236000449.1373400342.1511621463-1054605199.1509132721 

For questions, or if you’d like us to present this webinar to your organization, call: (904) 472-5022, info@preventionpluswellness.com 

Register early as limited space is available for this webinar. 

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Thank you! 

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