FCC Behavioral Health Implements SPORT & Opioid Prevention Plus Wellness Programs

FCC Behavioral Health Implements SPORT & Opioid Prevention Plus Wellness Programs

FCC Behavioral Health located in Kennett, Missouri recently implemented the SPORT and Opioid Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs to young adolescents in their region. 

Both PPW programs were implemented to students in-person at local schools during social studies classes by Prevention Specialists Kat W. and MacKenzie M. along with support from Marilynn K. and Jessica H. 

The SPORT PPW program for middle school adolescents was provided to 123 6th grade students while the Opioid PPW program for adolescents was implemented to 119 8th grade students. 

Sample comments collected from students after attending each PPW program are below. 

SPORT (Alcohol/Drug) Prevention Plus Wellness Student Comments: 

  • “I liked it, it helped me know what can and can’t help me get better in life.”
  • “It helped me build self-esteem.”
  • “I like the part when they worry about your mental health and sleep and things because mental health is just as important as physical health.”
  • “It helps people understand that no amount of drugs or alcohol is ok.”
  • “I like how [the teachers] were normal, funny and very talkative, I liked everything. I think I should eat more healthy stuff.”
  • “It made me want to step up my motivation and health. [The teachers] did an amazing job covering over these harmful things!”
  • “I like the part where they told us how the lack of sleep [affects] us. I will try to get more sleep to improve me health.”
  • In response to a question about what they liked best: “what we learned, I know more than I did.”
  • In response to a question about what they liked best: “Everything!”
  • “I liked that we got to learn how to stay healthy and stay away from drugs.”
  • “I just liked how you guys are trying to help people stop doing bad things and help them. I liked it all because it is helping peoples’ mindset.”
  • “I loved how this lesson told me how dangerous vaping is, I always thought cigarettes were worse than vapes.”
  • “It helped me understand more about the importance of health.”
  • “I like how it gave me advice and motivation.”
  • “Really good motivation and goal setting. [The teachers] were perfect :)”
  • “I like the lesson because it helps us a lot.”
  • “I liked it all, it was fun and [the teachers] were really nice, thank you.”
  • “This lesson is helping me be more energetic.”
  • “I liked everything about [the lesson].”
  • “It helped me to stay away from drugs and stuff that harms me.” 

Opioid Prevention Plus Wellness Student Comments: 

  • “It was a very nice thing for them to teach us because nobody really does.”
  • “It makes me want to make better decisions.”
  • “I liked the focus on health effects caused by drugs.”
  • “I liked how it made me wanna do more things that are better for my health.
  • I think [the teachers] explained everything perfectly.”
  • “It gave me motivation to push myself.”
  • “The lesson was really good, it makes me wanna strive.”
  • “It showed me ways to improve myself.”
  • “I like the teachers.”
  • “It helped me understand that drug use is terrible for your health.”
  • “It taught me about good, healthy things I should be doing in life.”
  • “I like where they encourage us to set a goal.”
  • “My favorite part about the lesson is when they asked us questions and our opinions. I liked everything about this lesson.”
  • “I feel like this lesson will make me a better person.”
  • “I liked everything about it. I liked learning ways I could relieve my stress.”
  • “Everything that was talked about covered great stuff and would be helpful.”
  • “It affected my goal setting in a good way.”
  • “It taught me how to better my sleep.”
  • “I liked everything about this lesson.”
  • “I liked the motivational sections.”
  • “It informed me about the consequences of opioids.”
  • “I like how we talked about how to be healthy, taking care of your body, and setting goals in the future.”
  • “It gave me motivation to make sure my health is good.”
  • “It helped my motivation.”
  • “I learned that you can do a lot of things for your health.”
  • “I made a new goal to get more sleep.” 

Congratulations to everyone at FCC Behavioral Health, and especially their amazing Prevention Team, for promoting the mental and physical health of young adolescents with Prevention Plus Wellness programs.  You are true prevention heroes!

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