Parent Prevention & Wellness Resources

Below are evidence-based resources for parents and caregivers to help prevent and intervene with their youth or young adults using alcohol and drugs. 

These resources also include content and tools for promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors that assist in preventing and reducing substance misuse and improving the mental and physical wellbeing and performance of young people.   

Youth Healthy Lifestyle Behavior Quiz for Reaching Optimal Mental & Physical Wellbeing

Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Teen Contract to Avoid Alcohol and Drug Use Problems

Parent Healthy Lifestyle Behavior Quiz for Helping Their Youth Reach Optimal Mental & Physical Wellbeing

Comprehensive Guide for Parents Talking to Teens About Cannabis

Parent Strategies for Youth Prevention & Early Intervention, Partnership to End Addiction

Substance Use Resources for Parents

Resources for Families Coping with Mental & Substance Use Disorders

Parent & Caregiver Prevention Resources

Substance Use Resource Center

Resources for Parents

Helpful Resources on Youth and Substance Use

SAMHSA's National Helpline

7 Truths About My Son's Addiction