Prevention Plus Wellness Mission

Who are we?

Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW), LLC is a small education business providing brief evidence-based positive youth development programs, parent training programs and multi-media campaigns that integrate substance use prevention with the promotion of healthy lifestyle behaviors, goal setting and positive identities among children, adolescents and young adults in school, home and community settings.


Most substance use prevention and health programs are too lengthy or complicated to be provided to all young people thereby failing to achieve true public health reach.  In addition, most individual prevention and health programs do not address multiple health risks common among youth, including substance use, physical inactivity, poor nutrition, inadequate sleep and uncontrolled stress which together interact to negatively influence youth physical and mental wellbeing.

Our solution

PPW provides single-lesson and other practical, cost-effective youth and parent programs, as well as multi-media campaigns, designed to prevent alcohol, marijuana, e-cigarette and opioid use and promote healthy lifestyle behaviors like physical activity and sports, healthy eating, sleep, stress control and goal setting to cost-effectively improve the mental and physical health and self-identities of youth and young adults across the US and abroad.  PPW youth programs include easy-to-follow scripted program manuals with accompanying program slides and built-in evaluation tools, and can be provided to youth individually or in a group, in-person or online.


Provide practical tools for improving the broad physical and mental wellbeing of all youth.

Tag line

"Practical tools for promoting whole health!"


We provide free prevention programs to minority, women and veteran-owned small businesses serving youth and young adults based on their financial need.

Successes to Date 

  • Providing cost-effective Prevention Plus Wellness programs across all 50 states in the US and abroad,
  • Training thousands of prevention and health professionals to provide and train others in using PPW programs in online and onsite workshops, and
  • Providing practical but powerful tools to prevention and health professionals and parents for over 11 years. 

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