Free Review of the New In God's Image Program

Free Review of the New In God's Image Program

Get a sneak peek of a draft of the new In God's Image Program.

In God’s Image (IGI) is based on a proven model which targets naturally motivating positive images of youth which enhances the positive self-identity, goal setting skills and positive development of adolescents. 

is written to integrate the promotion of spiritual health with physical and mental health enhancement, and avoidance of substance use.  IGI consists of a scripted Instructor’s Manual and a Youth Booklet.

In God’s Image was created to help young people grow in grace and power to do the sometimes-challenging things in life.  Those things which will result in developing into our best possible selves as God planned for us. 

Request a free pdf sample of the new Instructor's Manual.  We'd love to get your feedback on the latest edition of IGI

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