New Marijuana Use Harm Research & Prevention Resources

New Marijuana Use Harm Research & Prevention Resources

Below are five new publications addressing marijuana use harm and how to prevent it. 

The first three items are new research studies examining the role of marijuana use in crime, second-hand smoke effects, and fatal road accidents.  These studies are published or located in the Journal of Drug Issues,, and PLOS One, respectively. 

Together these studies indicate increasing knowledge about the harmful effects of marijuana consumption in society. 

The next two items are pdf documents addressing the role of medical cannabis in the workplace, and responsible use of cannabis. 

The document on workplace use of medical marijuana is from the Public Services Health & Safety Association of Canada and discusses controls to mitigate marijuana exposure in the workplace, and how to accommodate workers who use medical marijuana. 

The final document is from the California Cannabis Health Information Initiative and presents ways to avoid harming yourself and others when consuming recreational marijuana.

1. Medical Marijuana and Crime

 2. Health Effects of Second-Hand Marijuana Smoke

 3. Cannabis, Alcohol and Fatal Road Accidents

 4. Medical Cannabis in the Workplace

 5. Responsible Use of Cannabis 

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