New PPW Fact Sheet & Program Brochures

New PPW Fact Sheet & Program Brochures

New One-Page PPW Programs Fact Sheet

A newly revised, one-page Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Programs Fact Sheet highlights the unique differences PPW programs and training offer for prevention and health professionals across the US and abroad.

View PPW Fact Sheet: 

New PPW Program Brochures

Revised two-sided, three-panel brochures describe key Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs, advantages, uses and training.

These colorful brochures are great for learning more and informing others about PPW programs for youth and young adults.

View the PPW program brochures below.

  1. SPORT (Alcohol/Drug) PPW brochure:
  2. Vaping PPW brochure:
  3. Marijuana PPW brochure:
  4. Opioid PPW brochure:
  5. InShape (Alcohol/Drug) PPW for young adults brochure:
  6. SPORT 2 (Alcohol/Drug) PPW brochure:
  7. Racial Justice PPW:
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