PPW Program Instructor’s Survey Available Free Online

PPW Program Instructor’s Survey Available Free Online

The Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program Instructor’s Survey (IS) is a critical tool for assessing and monitoring the quality of PPW lesson or program implementation.

Best practices requires that the IS be completed by the implementer immediately after every PPW lesson or program presentation.

All PPW program providers can request a free customized URL link to make data entry and monitoring easier via online access.  

The Online Instructor’s Survey allows collection of data assessing seven key process indicators, including:

  1. Level of comfort while presenting
  2. Use of active presentation strategies
  3. Level of enthusiasm and passion during presenting
  4. Smoothness of presentation flow
  5. Accuracy of following the scripted protocol
  6. Completeness of providing the content
  7. Participant’s responsiveness

In addition, instructors identify which PPW program was implement, in what format was is the program provided (e.g., individually or in a group), did they receive training, and what did the instructor like best and least about the implementation.

Completion of the PPW Instructor’s Survey by implementers at the end of each PPW program presentation is essential to assessing and tracking program implementation success across time and instructors.

To request a free customized link to the PPW Instructor’s Survey for your organization, contact us at: info@preventionpluswellness.com or call: (904) 472-5022.

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