Prevention Plus Wellness Partners with Good Sports to Increase US Youth’s Physical Activity & Prevent Substance Use

Prevention Plus Wellness Partners with Good Sports to Increase US Youth’s Physical Activity & Prevent Substance Use

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC is partnering with Good Sports, Inc. to increase awareness of and access to sports and physical activity, while preventing substance use among youth in high-need communities.

Sports and physical activity are essential to youth mental and physical development.  They are also ideal situations to prevent youth from initiating substance use that can harm their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Good Sports creates opportunities for youth to participate in sports and physical activities by providing donations of brand-new sports equipment, apparel and footwear to youth-serving organizations, such as schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, Parks and Recreation programs and others.

“Promoting sports, physical activity and other health-enhancing behaviors, while presenting effective Prevention Plus Wellness programs that integrate substance use prevention with fitness and health promotion, will ensure American youth develop healthy behavior lifestyles leading to greater wellness and performance in athletics, school and life,” said Chudley Werch, PhD, CEO at Prevention Plus Wellness.  “That’s why a partnership between PPW and Good Sports makes perfect sense.”

Dr. Werch also said “We pledge to inform youth-serving organizations who provide our evidence-based Prevention Plus Wellness programs across the US about the tremendous opportunity Good Sports offers them for expanding sports and physical activity participation among youth for whom cost is a barrier.”

Good Sports drives equitable access in youth sports by working with organizations in high-need communities serving youth ages 3-18. Of the youth Good Sports works with, nearly 80% of kids identify as children of color.

Only 34% of kids ages 6-12 from homes with incomes of $25,000 or less played team sports, compared to 69% of kids from $100,000+ homes, according to the Aspen Institute 2018 State of Play. By teaming up with corporations, foundations and equipment partners, Good Sports has given more than 9 million kids in need across the United States and Puerto Rico the chance to play since 2003.

“We are thrilled to partner with Good Sports to promote their mission, and ours, to increase the number of American youths participating in physical activity and sports, while also preventing alcohol and drug use that can devastate the mental and physical wellbeing of young people.” said Dr. Werch.

Organizations wishing to apply to be considered for an equipment donation from Good Sports:

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