Substance Abuse Prevention: Keeping Kids on Track

Substance Abuse Prevention: Keeping Kids on Track

We are very grateful to have teamed up with Mike Graham-Squire and his outstanding colleagues at the Neighborhood House in Seattle, Washington for four years.       

The mission of the Neighborhood House is to partner with diverse individuals and families to build community and achieve their goals for health, education and self-sufficiency. 

Founded in 1906, Neighborhood House is one of the oldest social service agencies in the Puget Sound region.  

They serve over 12,000 people annually through their major program areas of early learning, youth education, family and social services, employment and adult education, health, and housing stability. 

The Neighborhood House helps low-income youth build successful futures by offering essential academic and social support, along with working with parents to be effective advocates for their children. 

They work with youth, schools and neighborhoods to reduce harmful behavior and improve the environments in which our youth live and thrive to keep them drug and alcohol free.  

One of the programs they provide is the evidence-based SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program which is proven to prevent substance use while promoting fitness, healthy nutrition and positive identities of youth. 

Michael and his team of talented and committed professionals are working to create healthy, diverse and welcoming communities where all people can thrive. 

It is our great honor to know and work with this incredibly important non-profit organization to promote and protect the health and well-being of young people throughout their region. 

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