Why Add PPW to Your Current Evidence-Based Prevention Programming?

Why Add PPW to Your Current Evidence-Based Prevention Programming?

Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) can be used as a stand-alone evidence-based prevention program, but it also works great for filling the gaps when using other evidence-based prevention programs.

First, most PPW programs are just one session, so they can be used to reach nearly all youth, even in busy schools or for any organization serving youth.

Second, PPW programs don’t just prevent substance use (e.g., alcohol, marijuana, e-cigarettes, opioids) but promote healthy lifestyle behaviors critical to protecting and promoting mental and physical wellbeing, including physical activity and sports, healthy breakfasts and nutrition, sleep, and stress control.

Third, PPW programs are fun and customized to youths’ health habit interests by using a screening survey to increase awareness and a multi-behavior goal plan to help them develop self-regulation skills, self-efficacy, and achieve desired positive future self-images.

Fourth, PPW programs are practical and flexible by including easy to follow scripts for implementing them to youth individually, in groups, or virtually using PowerPoint slides for universal, selective, or indicated prevention needs.

Fifth, PPW programs come with built-in pretest and posttest surveys and other evaluation tools and support to evaluate and monitor your program’s fidelity and effectiveness to ensure desired outcomes and make improvements over time.

Lastly, PPW programs are cost-effective by including a digital download of all reproducible program materials and our online self-paced program implementer training courses are brief, come with a 3-year certification, and can be taken at your convenience day or night.

So, whether you use Prevention Plus Wellness programs as a stand-alone strategy or to complement your other evidence-based prevention programming, PPW can expand your prevention and wellness footprint and outcomes.

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