Sample Grant Proposal


Title of the project  

Evidence-based Prevention Plus Wellness

Description of the project

Program need and description

Data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention show that American youth are at risk for a multitude of behaviors that are harmful to their health and well-being.  These include alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drug use, physical inactivity, unhealthy eating, lack of sleep and uncontrolled stress.  

Research also indicates that the majority of US youth experience two or more co-existing risk behaviors, and over a third three or more risk behaviors. Together, multiple risk habits interact to compound the pain, suffering and sadness youth and their families experience by increasing the likelihood of injury, illness, and personal and social problems, while hindering positive development of youth.     

Solving the national epidemic of multiple substance use and other health risks among youth requires using evidence-based programs that integrate alcohol and drug use prevention with wellness promotion.  The SPORT and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness programs provide the only evidence-based interventions in the country that address substance use and chronic disease risk behaviors in a single intervention and setting, to cost-effectively improve the “whole health” of participating youth.  

SPORT PPW/InShape PPW is designed to enhance the positive development of youth by teaching them to link avoiding substance use with increasing wellness behaviors and images.  These include participating in sports and physical activities, eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep and controlling stress. 

SPORT/InShape Prevention Plus Wellness is a practical, single-lesson program designed to save organizations’ time and money.  SPORT PPW/InShape PPW is uniquely customized to the current health habits of each participating youth. Developed with funding from the National Institutes of Health, SPORT PPW/InShape PPW has been rigorously evaluated and shown to prevent and reduce alcohol, tobacco (SPORT PPW) and marijuana use, while increasing healthy habits such as physical activity which are necessary for promoting and protecting the overall health and well-being of young people.    

SPORT and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness are listed on the federal government’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) and other evidence-based data bases.  They are implemented in four simple steps: 1) Screen youth for their health habits, 2) Provide tailored feedback and positive image messages, 3) Help youth set and monitor multiple health behavior goals, and 4) Follow-up with youth in the future.  SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness also includes optional follow-up materials, including a series of parent-youth flyers, and parent and youth web resources developed to reinforce positive image and behavior communication and maintain initial behavioral outcomes.  

Everything needed to successfully implement SPORT PPW/InShape PPW to an unlimited number of youth is included in the programs, including a program manual, digital download of PowerPoint slides and reproducible materials, and online training with 1-year certification.  SPORT PPW/InShape program manuals include fully scripted protocols for easy and reliable implementation.  

Every SPORT PPW/InShape PPW program comes with free online and telephone support by the developer.  The one-time purchase pricing eliminates future materials costs and ensures program sustainability.  In addition, one-day onsite workshops to become Certified Program Implementers and Trainers come with 3-year certifications. and enhance program implementation fidelity.  

Program benefits 

The SPORT/InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program fills a key gap in achieving the life skills needs of contemporary youth.  Specifically, SPORT PPW/InShape PPW is the only program that teaches youth how alcohol and other drug use interferes with positive behavior and image achievement necessary for experiencing a healthy and successful life.   

SPORT PPW/InShape PPW also teaches youth critical self-management skills to set and monitor multiple health behavior goals to reach and maintain a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle, and combat multiple health risks common among American youth.  SPORT PPW/InShape PPW is an ideal evidence-based intervention for our organization and the youth we serve which include…  

SPORT PPW/InShape PPW is designed to increase youth, parent and provider interest and participation by emphasizing positive images of youth engaged in wellness promoting habits. In addition, SPORT PPW/InShape pPW is customized to each youth’s individual needs by providing messages tailored to their current health behaviors and desired self-images.  

SPORT PPW/InShape PPW dovetails well with and will enhance other life skill activities we offer at our organization.  These activities include…  

Because SPORT PPW/InShape PPW is quick and easy to implement, it provides the only practical solution to providing an evidence-based program within a busy organizational setting like ours.  Since SPORT PPW/InShape PPW teaches youth how risk behaviors and wellness behaviors are connected and influence each other, it offers a unique educational and motivational strategy for improving the whole health and well-being of young people in our region.    

Implementation plan

In the proposed project, we will implement SPORT PPW/InShape PPW to xxx number of youth enrolled at our organization during a 12-month period.  Last year, xxx youth were seen at our organization.  

Our xxx will receive onsite training from Prevention Plus Wellness to learn how to implement SPORT PPW/InShape PPW with fidelity to our organization’s youth, as well as train others to use it in the future.  Therefore SPORT PPW/InShape PPW will be provided to youth using certified and trained staff.  

In addition, continual program support and assistance will be provided by Dr. Chudley Edward Werch, PhD, President at Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC and developer of the SPORT PPW/InShape PPW program.  SPORT PPW/InShape PPW will be implemented every xxx during the course of xxx months to ensure xxx youth receive the core SPORT PPW/InShape PPW screening and brief intervention.  

(Optional) A follow-up series of four weekly SPORT PPW parent flyers will mailed (or emailed or posted on our website) for parents and guardians of participating youth.  The flyers are designed to provide parents/guardians with concrete examples of how to provide positive image and behavior communication and monitoring with their youth at home.  

(Optional) Lastly, web-based resources will be mailed (or emailed or posted on our website) to help youth and parents learn more about each of the targeted health behaviors addressed in SPORT PPW.  These include promoting youth sports and physical activities, healthy eating, getting adequate sleep, controlling stress, and avoiding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Population served

All youth ages 8-18 years enrolled at our organization will be offered the SPORT PPW/InShape PPW program.  These youth are typically…

Financial breakdown of how money will be used

  • XX amount of funding will be requested to purchase SPORT PPW/InShape PPW program materials and training.
  • XX amount of the budget will be dedicated to the collection, analysis and reporting of evaluation data to assess the quality of program implementation and behavioral outcomes resulting from the SPORT/InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program.
  • The majority of funding will be used for staff support, purchasing xxx equipment, and providing copies of program materials to implement and evaluate the program.  XXX equipment (optional) will allow youth to achieve goals set while participating in SPORT PPW/InShape PPW and increase their wellness behaviors and positive self-image.

How will you track project success?

The proposed project’s success will be assessed and tracked at two levels. First, program quality and immediate program effects will be evaluated using two strategies.  

Along with the program's screening survey, the Feedback Survey will be implemented at the conclusion of the brief intervention.  This will measure participating youth reactions and immediate impact of the program on key risk factors associated with the targeted health behaviors, including a pre-posttest assessment of behavioral willingness to participate in physical activity, eat healthy foods, get adequate sleep, and use alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.  

In addition, an Implementer’s Self-Evaluation Chart will assess quality of program implementation on five key indicators of implementation success.  

Both the youth and implementer measures will be collected immediately after implementation of each program.  These two instruments will be monitored on a continual basis to ensure program implementation quality.

(Optional) Second, program efficacy will be evaluated using the standardized behavioral Health Survey. This survey was used in previous research evaluating the effects of the SPORT PPW/InShape PPW program and has been shown to be a valid and reliable tool to assess targeted health behaviors, as well as key risk and protective factors mediating health habits of youth.   

The survey will be administered to all participating youth prior to program implementation and xxx months after program implementation to evaluate program effects over time.  All surveys will be implemented using standardized procedures to ensure the collection of reliable and valid evaluation data.

Baseline and follow-up data will be analyzed to determine statistically significant changes on health habits and related factors across time. In addition, practical significance will be assessed by examining percentages of youth improving individual and multiple health behaviors over time.     

All program evaluation tools and protocols are included with SPORT PPW/InShape PPW program.  The program developer will be available by phone and email to address all program implementation and evaluation issues, and provide support as needed throughout the project.