Free PPW Program & Training for Partnering Prevention Organizations

Prevention organizations partnering with Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) to conduct a controlled evaluation of one of our programs will receive free PPW program materials and online self-paced program implementer training.

We are looking for organizations that can commit to implementing and evaluating a single 45-minute group-administered PPW program for adolescents.

The evaluation design will include a minimum of:

  • A total of 500 participating youth (250 receiving a PPW program)
  • A comparison group (250) receiving educational materials
  • Online pretest, immediate posttest, and a follow-up 3-month posttest
  • Online instructor surveys completed after each program implementation
  • Monthly Zoom meetings with key staff to track program implementation and evaluation

The selected prevention organizations will receive complementary online self-paced PPW program implementer training for all participating teachers as well as access to online PPW program materials.

Participating organizations will also be recognized in announcements posted on the PPW Youth Prevention & Wellness blog and social media.

Programs available for implementation and evaluation include:

  • SPORT (Alcohol/Drug) PPW for high school or middle school youth
  • SPORT Alcohol & Cannabis PPW for high school or middle school youth
  • Vaping (E-Cigarette) PPW for high school or middle school youth
  • Marijuana PPW for high school or middle school youth
  • Opioid PPW for adolescents

For more information: or call: (904) 472-5022.