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Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC

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The Unlimited Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Program Implementer’s Training License is a way you and your organization can have unlimited use of the Online Self-Paced PPW Program Implementer’s Training Course for a 2 or 3-year period.

The Unlimited PPW Training License allows you to train and certify an unlimited number of prevention and health professionals, teachers, coaches, youth and parents to implement Prevention Plus Wellness programs saving you time and money.     

Now you can train Prevention Plus Wellness program implementers across your entire county or school district cost-effectively and efficiently. 

Program training licenses include access to ALL training courses available for PPW youth and parent programs offered.

One, two and three-year options available.

*Note: Online training course access is limited to one county or school district per license.  Not for sale to others.  Does not include program manuals or materials.

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