Youth Substance Use Prevention Resources for 2020

Youth Substance Use Prevention Resources for 2020

Thanks to those of you who completed last week’s 3-question survey asking about the prevention resources you need next year.

Regarding the first survey question “What new Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program topics would you like to see developed?” most of you said:

  • Prevention Plus Wellness Program Promoting Youth Mental Health: 76%
  • E-cigarettes Prevention Plus Wellness Program for Elementary School: 69%

Some also responded they would like to see a Vaping Prevention Plus Wellness program, Marijuana Prevention Plus Wellness program and Opioid Prevention Plus Wellness program for adolescents.

The good news is we already offer Vaping (e-cigarettes), Marijuana and Opioid PPW programs for adolescents. 

You can find them on our website under the “Programs” header:

Regarding the second survey question “What resources would you like to see to help you implement your Prevention Plus Wellness program easier or more effectively?” most of you said:

  • Educational Webinars: 62%
  • Program Funding: 53%

The good news here is we provide free monthly webinars about PPW programs and topics related to multiple risk behaviors and promoting wellness among youth and young adults.

Next week Friday we are offering the free webinar “Gathering Data to Promote and Improve Your PPW Program.”

Learn more and register for this webinar:

Regarding the third survey question “What would you like to see changed or improved on Prevention Plus Wellness programs?” most of you said:

  • Make it more interactive: 63%
  • Make it less expensive: 58%

The good news is that PPW programs are a one-time purchase. 

After you have your program manual with digital download and online training, you’ll never need to order anything else from us and you can provide your PPW program to hundreds or thousands or millions of youth at no additional cost.

Some answered they would like PPW programs to be less time consuming.  Since most Prevention Plus Wellness programs are just a single session, we are not sure how this could be achieved.

However, to better serve you and your youth and families, we’d love to hear from those of you who have ideas about the following:

  1. How can we make Prevention Plus Wellness programs less time consuming for you?
  2. What Prevention Plus Wellness-related webinar topics would you like us to provide?
  3. What grant funding information do you need?
  4. What price would you like to see us offer our programs for (currently $499) and our online training workshops for (currently $199)?
  5. What else can we do to help you do your prevention job more effectively, easily or quickly in the new year?

Return this email with your suggestions about how we can help you in 2020!

Thank you!

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