Healthy Lifestyle Behavior Partners

Lifestyle behaviors like physical inactivity and excess screen time, skipping breakfast and the lack of fruit and vegetable consumption, inadequate and poor-quality sleep, uncontrolled daily stress, and early and heavy substance use are strongly associated with substance use disorders and mental health problems among youth and adults.

That’s why Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) partners with other national organizations to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors, particularly among young people, to prevent addiction and mental health problems and promote mental and physical wellbeing, productivity, and happiness. 

If your organization is committed to the promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors such as physical activity and sports, healthy eating patterns, sleep or controlling stress among youth or young adults, contact us to discuss becoming a PPW Partner: or call: (904) 472-5022.



Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC is proud to be recognized by @HHSHealthGov as a National Youth Sports Strategy (NYSS) Champion for our work in promoting awareness of the importance of youth sports and physical activity for increasing the mental and physical wellbeing of youth.

We encourage all substance use prevention and health organizations serving youth learn more about NYSS and how you can promote youth sports and physical activity participation in your area:

The National Youth Sports Strategy aims to unite U.S. youth sports culture around a shared vision: that one day, all youth will have the opportunity, motivation, and access to play sports.

The Strategy is based on research and best practices from the scientific community and successful youth sports programs across the United States.

It offers actionable ideas for parents, coaches, organizations, communities, and policymakers to support youth sports participation for all.

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC is partnering with Good Sports, Inc. to increase awareness of and access to sports and physical activity, while preventing substance use among youth in high-need communities.

Sports and physical activity are essential to youth mental and physical development.  They are also ideal situations to prevent youth from initiating substance use that can harm their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Good Sports creates opportunities for youth to participate in sports and physical activities by providing donations of brand-new sports equipment, apparel and footwear to youth-serving organizations, such as schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, Parks and Recreation programs and others.

Organizations wishing to apply to be considered for an equipment donation from Good Sports:

Learn more about Good Sports: 

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC is partnering with MVP360 Leadership Development Programs, Inc. to empower youth to become leaders and productive members of society by providing equal opportunity for athletics and educational programs, including substance use Prevention Plus Wellness interventions. 

“MVP” stands for Motives, Values, and Personality. 

Both MVP360 and PPW believe in utilizing instructional and developmental sports as a way to create a path to success. 

Both MVP360 and PPW believe that understanding motives, values and personality in life will increase the likelihood of maintaining focus through adversity.   

In addition, we believe the moto “Rise Up! Be All That You Dream” is a fitting directive for youth and young adults across America and the World.

Lastly, we at Prevention Plus Wellness support MVP360’s efforts to engage the “Total Person” through education and career development, social and emotional wellbeing, and health and physical literacy, such as Prevention Plus Wellness programs and training. 

Learn more about MPV360 initiatives: