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One-session evidence-based alcohol and drug prevention program for reaching youth in any setting and situation with effective prevention and wellness content and tools.

Great for coaches, youth diversion programs and settings requiring super easy program implementation.

Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Video Programs are highly interactive video adaptations of our original manual-based programs that can be provided online and in classrooms.  

While all original PPW programs can be implemented live online as well as in-person, PPW Video Programs can be provided with greater ease and reach by instructors.  

PPW Video Programs provide the same content and three-step process of screening, feedback and multi-behavior goal setting as all PPW evidence-based practices screening and brief interventions. 

Each PPW Video Program comes in a two-video set of:

  • Video 1: Screening & Feedback, and
  • Video 2: Multi-behavior Goal Setting.

View a sample of Video 1 of Screening & Feedback in the SPORT (Alcohol/Drug) PPW program: 

View a sample of Video 2 of the PPW Goal Plan:

In addition, all PPW Video Programs are designed to engage youth using a screening survey, discussion questions and goal plan exercise, while showing dynamic video images modeling youth wellness behaviors and highlighting positive image messages. 

PPW videos can be implemented within any busy classroom setting or to youth individually within a school, home or organizational setting. 

PPW Video Programs also include online pretest and posttest surveys for teachers and implementers to monitor program fidelity and outcomes. 

Online and phone support is available for implementation.  


  • Up to 100 youth: $249 per year.
  • Up to 250 youth: $499 per year.
  • Up to 500 youth: $899 per year.
  • Over 500 youth: Contact us for a quote.

Multi-year discounts available.  

The SPORT PPW Video Program for high school adolescents is now available for purchase!  Pre-order other PPW Video Programs at: or call: (904) 472-5022.

Request a free viewing of the entire 2-video set SPORT PPW High School Video Program: or call: (904) 472-5022.