5 Advantages of Evidence-based Prevention Plus Wellness Programs

5 Advantages of Evidence-based Prevention Plus Wellness Programs

Evidence-based programs (EBPs) provided by Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW), including SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness for youth and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness for college students and other young adults were designed to overcome five critical challenges commonly found with other EBPs.      

#1: Both the SPORT and InShape PPW programs are just a single-session in length.  This makes them practical even in the most time-strapped organizations and settings, including schools, health clinics, youth groups, etc.  Program options allow for extending program length if desired. 

#2: Training workshops to implement the SPORT and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness programs are just 5-hours, and training of trainers’ workshops are only 3 more hours in length.  In addition, the online training workshops eliminate trainer travel costs, and by hosting a regional or state workshop training costs are dramatically reduced or even completely waved depending upon the size of the group.    

#3: Prevention Plus Wellness programs are more interesting and marketable to youth, parents, providers, organizations and communities than typical drug prevention focused programs.  This is because they promote health and fitness-enhancing behaviors and positive identities of youth and young adults.  In addition, both SPORT and InShape PPW are not only proven to prevent and reduce substance use, they also significantly increase healthy habits like physical activity among participating young people. 

#4: Prevention Plus Wellness programs involve no additional costs beyond the initial program purchase.  That is because each PPW program comes with a digital download of reproducible program materials which eliminates the need for buying more program implementation and evaluation materials.  In addition, we provide free program implementation and evaluation assistance. 

#5: The demands for data collection to assess program fidelity and effectiveness are minimal with the SPORT and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness programs.  In fact, included screening and feedback surveys, along with a free Excel spreadsheet and evaluation assistance, permit providers to easily and quickly conduct an immediate fidelity and pre-post-program outcome evaluation. 

In conclusion, EBPs provide the best chance of ensuring your prevention efforts will result in positive outcomes for your youth, families and communities.  Only SPORT and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness programs offer proven prevention effectiveness in a cost-effective and practical format for every setting and youth population. 

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