Calling All SPORT and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness Program Providers

Calling All SPORT and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness Program Providers

We are happy to announce that we are providing everyone who is currently implementing the SPORT or InShape Prevention Plus Wellness programs with free digital downloads of updated program materials.  

These downloads include revised screening and feedback surveys that include new measures to allow broader and more sensitive assessment of program fidelity and effectiveness. 

The new measures are designed to assess behavioral intentions, social norms, body image and current health behaviors to quickly and easily evaluate all target health behaviors immediately after program implementation and at follow-up. 

If you or your organization are currently using the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program, SPORT 2 Prevention Plus Wellness program, SPORT Marijuana Awareness program, or the InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program we are happy to send you new digital downloads at no cost.  

Just let us know the exact version of the PPW program you are currently using.  

We will also provide you and your organization with a quick online overview of how to use the new screening and feedback surveys to monitor your program’s implementation fidelity, assess program effectiveness, and use your data to market your program’s successes and improve future program outcomes. 

Learn more about our program monitoring, fidelity and improvement support: 

Contact us today: (904) 472-5022,

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