Program Monitoring, Fidelity & Improvement Support

Every organization wants to know how well their prevention program works.  And because settings and populations differ, even evidence-based prevention programs should be monitored to ensure implementation fidelity and positive outcomes.   

That’s why we provide no-cost tools and assistance to monitor your program's fidelity and identify areas for improvement, tailoring and marketing, including Excel spreadsheets that allow you to quickly analyze your participant screening and feedback data, and provide post-program and immediate pre-posttest evaluation results.   

Simply download and use the free Excel spreadsheets we provide below. 

These spreadsheets are designed to help organizations ensure participants are responding positively to PPW program content, and that there is successful change at the end of your program. 

All you need to do is load the data from your programs screening and feedback surveys into the Excel spreadsheet and it will calculate average posttest and pre-posttest difference scores. 

Measures include perceived program effectiveness, social norms, and behavioral intentions to engage in the targeted program behaviors.  These assess physical activity, healthy nutrition, sleep, stress control, alcohol use, cigarette smoking and marijuana use. 

In addition, 30-day measures of each of the target health behaviors are included on the screening survey allowing an opportunity to conduct a quick 1-3 month pretest-posttest program evaluation.

We are happy to provide you with directions on how to enter your data, as well as a free analysis of your entered data and provide you with recommendations which you can use to further promote and improve your program.  In some cases we'll even enter the data for you.

We want to make sure you, your organization, and your participating youth or young adults have a positive and meaningful Prevention Plus Wellness program experience! 

Don’t let your prevention program go without monitoring how well it is working, identifying how to can be strengthened, and determining what positive outcomes you can communicate to continue to build support for and sustain your program over time.   

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  1. Access your free Excel spreadsheet to evaluate the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program here.
  2. Access your free Excel spreadsheet to evaluate the InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program here.

Check out a sample program analysis report we provided for four California high schools which implemented the SPORT PPW program: Pre-Post Fidelity and Effectiveness Analysis

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