Coalition for Drug-Free Children & Communities

Introducing one of our newest prevention partners Deborah Comella and her team at the Lee County Coalition for a Drug-Free Southwest Florida. 

The Coalition’s mission is to reduce substance abuse in the county by raising awareness of prevention resources through collaboration, education and inspiration. 

They also aim to empower children to live drug-free lives. 

Founded in 1989 by Jim Nathan, Sheriff Mike Scott and other local leaders, the Coalition has worked to provide prevention resources for families and offer prevention events like Drug House Odyssey, Red Ribbon Week Celebrations, Town Hall Meetings, and Lunch and Learn Educational Sessions. 

Their goal is to engage the 12 key sectors of the community, from youth and parents to businesses, schools, media and others. 

The Lee County Coalition for a Drug-Free Southwest Florida recently invested in the evidence-based SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program for middle and high school adolescents and elementary school children to prevent substance abuse and promote resiliently fit and healthy lifestyles and positive identities. 

Deborah Comella and her team of prevention professionals and volunteers are unsung heroes promoting and protecting the health and well-being of youth throughout the Southwest Florida region. 

We are very grateful to call them partners in helping save lives and money by engaging individuals, families and communities to prevent substance abuse and promote wellness. 

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