Exercise in the Treatment (and Prevention) of Youth Substance Use Disorders

Exercise in the Treatment (and Prevention) of Youth Substance Use Disorders

This is a good article published in Frontiers in Psychology examining the potential role of exercise in the treatment of substance use disorders among youth.  

The authors review factors associated with the development and persistence of substance use disorders among youth, identify current treatment modalities, and present evidence to support the efficacy of incorporating exercise participation during rehabilitation.  

While research is lacking regarding the efficacy of exercise as an adjunct to treating youth substance use disorders, there is evidence suggesting the potential benefits of doing so for improving treatment outcomes and maintenance.  

Similarly, we know that regular exercise may have a protective effect on delaying the initiation of substance use among youth, although the relationship is more complicated when considering various types of sports. 

Generally, however, regular exercise among youth is associated with improved mental and physical health, may promote other healthy behavior adoption, and can enhance positive self-identity and self-confidence. 

In addition, given the lack of regular physical activity among most American youth, and the epidemic of youth and adult obesity, it is critical for substance abuse specialists working in both treatment and prevention to promote regular physical activity as well as other healthy behavior choices among all youth and young adults.  

Read the article here: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2017.01839/full 

Please share this important research with others in your area and state.  Thank you!

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