Free Prevention Tools from Prevention Plus Wellness

Free Prevention Tools from Prevention Plus Wellness

The secret to being a highly successful prevention professional is having a variety of prevention tools in your toolbox. 

Some of these tools will be evidence-based (i.e., research supported), while others will be evidence-informed (i.e., theory and practice supported).  

Examples of evidence-based substance use prevention with wellness programs include the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program for youth and the InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program for college students and young adults. 

Evidence-informed prevention with wellness programs include the SPORT Marijuana Awareness Program, In God’s Image program for youth in faith-based settings, SPORT 2 Prevention Plus Wellness, and the Parent Pep Talks Program. 

In addition, most effective prevention tools, those that are evidence-based and evidence-informed, will require training to use them to maximum effect. 

That’s why we provide sensible onsite and online training workshops to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide Prevention Plus Wellness programs.

It’s also why we include built-in pre and post-program evaluation tools to assess program implementation quality and immediate effectiveness without having to implement expensive and time-consuming separate pre and post-testing.    

However, we realize that every prevention and health organization has limited funds for prevention programs and training.  

That is why we also provide some free tools, which can be used until you can purchase more robust evidence-based and even evidence-informed programs. 

The free prevention with wellness tools we currently offer are educational webinars, a marijuana media campaign, and parent-teen contracts.  

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