Multiple Health-Promoting Behaviors and Adolescent Wellbeing

Multiple Health-Promoting Behaviors and Adolescent Wellbeing

A recent study published in the Journal of School Health (2022) examined the relationship between 12 health-promoting behaviors and subjective well-being in a sample of 450 high school students from 2 states.

Findings demonstrated that 7 of the 12 health-promoting behaviors were significantly correlated with adolescents' subjective well-being.

Increased physical activity, sleep hygiene cognitive/emotional factors, and bedtime routine all were identified as unique predictors of subjective well-being.

These findings bring attention to the salience of daily physical activity and sleep hygiene and their associations with adolescents' happiness.

These results support the growing literature on the role of physical activity and sleep behaviors have on mental health outcomes among youth.

Read the study abstract:

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