New 2021 SPORT (Alcohol/Drug), Vaping & Marijuana Prevention Plus Wellness Programs

New 2021 SPORT (Alcohol/Drug), Vaping & Marijuana Prevention Plus Wellness Programs

The popular one-session SPORT (Alcohol/Drug), Vaping and Marijuana Prevention Plus Wellness programs for high school, middle school and elementary school-aged youth have been updated for 2021. 

Program manual and digital download improvements include:

  • Revised step-by-step program directions for use by substance use prevention and health providers.
  • Added instructions for teachers within the individual and group scripts and PowerPoint slides to increase ease and quality of program implementation both in-person and online.
  • Revised goal plans include a new 7-day self-monitoring log and recommendations for youth to practice regular stress control strategies along with other health behavior guidelines.
  • An updated Fidelity Checklist to increase program implementation reliability.
  • A new Online PPW Program Follow-Up Goal Plan for teachers to help youth continue to set, monitor and achieve multi-health goals and increase self-regulation skills.
  • Online resources to support, extend and sustain program success.

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