New Free Scannable Program Evaluation Surveys

New Free Scannable Program Evaluation Surveys

New scannable screening and feedback surveys now let you quickly download data to assess your Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program fidelity and effectiveness without having to enter it by hand.

Just scan your completed surveys using any multi-tasking scanner/printer and email downloaded data to PPW for free analysis. 

Don’t forget, our built-in evaluation system eliminates the need to follow up with participants by using a single-setting screening and feedback survey system. 

If you are currently using our PPW programs and would like to use the new scannable surveys, just send us an email request. 

In your request, let us know what specific PPW program version you use and we’ll email you the surveys in a pdf format ready for copying. 

Send your request to:, or call: (904) 472-5022

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