Prevention Plus Wellness Program Webinars: What Prevention Providers Think

Prevention Plus Wellness Program Webinars: What Prevention Providers Think

We’ve been providing a lot of free prevention webinars recently.  Usually two per week.

So we wanted to see what those prevention and health professionals attending the webinars thought of them.

Below are results from a brief evaluation survey sent to all Prevention Plus Wellness program webinar participants during the past two weeks. 

How much did they like the webinar?

  • 96% said they liked the Prevention Plus Wellness webinar a lot or a great deal
  • 92% said the PPW webinar was helpful a lot or a great deal 

What did they like best?

  • The instructor was clear and precise
  • I liked the comparison of PPW programs to other substance use programs
  • I liked all of the information that was shared
  • The presenter did an excellent job of introducing the PPW programs
  • I liked getting a certificate for attending
  • The PPW programs appear very well thought out
  • Linking current health habits to possible drug use is very effective if we are to truly help our clients. Wellness is just not drug use behavior
  • Learning the differences between PPW programs and their versatility in a group and individual settings
  • Learning about the one-session format of PPW programs
  • The scientific support for the effectiveness of PPW programs
  • The resources available
  • Discussion on PPW program implementation strategies
  • Great information
  • Steps in creating a prevention campaign
  • The marketing model, effectiveness of using positive messages and the media campaign component
  • Identifying risk behavior and self-control skills
  • Detailed steps in creating prevention messages
  • Different ideas to reach kids and implement PPW programs during these times
  • All of it
  • The information is relevant to my work. The training is straight to the point.  The trainer flows with the information which makes it easy to follow
  • The presenter was very informative
  • Explained well and provided a great deal of information
  • The fact that the slides and recorded link were email in case we missed anything 

What did they like least?

  • I liked it all  (this was the most common response)
  • General information. Sales pitch
  • Stats in the first couple of slides were a bit boring
  • Wish it could have been longer
  • Need to look at the camera not down at the slides
  • Need more information 


The great majority of prevention and health professionals attending PPW program webinars both liked them and found them useful at least a lot.  Likewise, the majority of feedback regarding the webinars were positive comments about what professionals liked best about the webinars.  We love reading these inspiring reactions and are very thankful to those who took time to provide us with such wonderful feedback. 

However, even more important to us were the few specific comments about what some attendees liked the least about our webinars.  These comments give us pause and help us think about how we can provide even better webinars in the future.

We thank all prevention and health specialists who attended our webinars and especially those who provided evaluation feedback.

We look forward to seeing you in our future webinars and reading your feedback.  Thank you!

Future Webinars

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