Prevention Plus Wellness Youth & Provider Free Resources

Prevention Plus Wellness Youth & Provider Free Resources

At Prevention Plus Wellness we are dedicated to protecting children, youth and young adults across the country and world from harmful substance use while also promoting physically active and healthy lifestyles necessary for positive youth development.   

We achieve this by providing innovative single-session programs that allow prevention and health specialists to reach practically every youth and young adult with effective and critically-needed integrated Prevention Plus Wellness strategies. 

We also offer a number of free resources for prevention and health specialists and parents from our website, including Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Youth & Teacher Resources.

PPW Youth & Teacher Resources include a recorded 1-hour training session on Evidence-Based Substance Use Prevention Plus Wellness with CEU certificate, as well as web-based resources for youth, teachers and parents addressing youth vaping and marijuana use risks and increasing physical activity, healthy nutrition, sleep, stress control, goal setting and more.

Please share these critical Prevention Plus Wellness resources with others in your region and state.  Thank you!


Prevention Plus Wellness Youth & Teacher Resources:

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