Prevention Providers Analyze SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness Program Effects on Their High School Students

Prevention Providers Analyze SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness Program Effects on Their High School Students

Fort Smith Arkansas Prevention Providers  Tabitha Fondren and Katelynn Priest with the Gateway Recovery Center at Harbor House implemented the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program to students at a local high school.  

As part of the implementation process, they collected screening and feedback surveys from participating students. 

After entering survey data into the Excel spreadsheet provided on the Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) website, Katelynn emailed the spreadsheet to PPW for data cleaning and analysis. 

Findings from the analysis showed that the high school students liked the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program and thought the lesson would help them avoid drug use and smoking cigarettes in the future. 

Posttest results indicated that in the next year, students intended to participate in physical activity most days a week, get 8 hours a sleep most nights, and eat a variety of healthy foods each day. 

Adolescents were also less likely to drink any alcohol, smoke any cigarettes, and use any marijuana in the next year. 

Pre-post difference analyses found that the lesson increased student intentions to get 8 hours of sleep most nights and decreased their intentions to drink alcohol. 

In addition, perception of the number of friends drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes was reduced from pre to posttest.  

Student comments about what they liked about the SPORT PPW lesson included:

  •  “Learning how to be healthier.”
  • “I liked taking the survey that shows where I am and what I can improve on.”
  • ‘‘It was quick and concise.”
  • “It helps people control depression by staying busy.”
  • “How participating in sports will increase better chances of healthy body work and socialize with more people.”
  • “Everything.” 

We are thrilled to be partnering with Tabitha and Katelynn at Gateway Recovery Centers, two extremely talented and dedicated Prevention Providers demonstrating how to use data to promote and improve their evidence-based SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program throughout the Fort Smith region. 

Learn more about the Harbor and Gateway Recovery Centers in Fort Smith, Arkansas: 

Learn more about PPW’s program monitoring, fidelity and improvement services: 

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