Regional Prevention Consultant Opportunities with Prevention Plus Wellness

Regional Prevention Consultant Opportunities with Prevention Plus Wellness

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC is searching for Regional Prevention Consultants across the country to help expand the provision of single-session evidence-based and evidence-informed Prevention Plus Wellness programs and training. 

We are looking for prevention and health specialists who have broad and deep contacts in their geographic regions and are dedicated to advancing substance use prevention and wellness promotion for youth and young adults. 

Below are three options for teaming up with Prevention Plus Wellness.

1. Promote Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs and online training in your region.  We'll share a portion of every program manual and online training sold as a result of your referrals to us.  You’ll just need to notify us who you referred before any sale is made.  No start-up costs and you can begin today. Call to learn how to start.

2. Provide Prevention Plus Wellness programs in your region as an Independent PPW Program Provider.  We'll provide selected individuals with the greatest chance of success with a free PPW manual and online training and you can offer PPW programs for a fee you set plus a small fee we charge for every youth you teach.     

3. Train other PPW Program Implementers in your region as a Training Consultant.  Get program manuals and training as a Program Implementer and Training of Trainer online and set up onsite training workshops in your region.  All training fees generated plus a percentage of program manuals sold for training events will be paid to you.  

We will be limiting the number of Prevention Consultants selected per region so contact us today while there are still available openings.     

For more information about Prevention Consultant opportunities with Prevention Plus Wellness contact us today: 

(904) 472-5022, 

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