SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness Program Associated with Intentions to Avoid Substance Use and Increase Healthy Habits

Prevention Plus Wellness partnered with Sutter County Superintendent of Schools, CA whose team implemented the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program to students at four high schools last academic year. 

The program surveys included with the SPORT PPW program allowed a cost-effective program evaluation critical for prevention program improvement, promotion and sustainability.

 Students receiving the SPORT PPW program believed it would help them avoid cigarettes, drugs and alcohol use in the next month some to a lot. 

Students also thought participating in the SPORT PPW program would help them increase healthy eating, sleep and physical activity next month at least a little to some.  

After receiving the program, high school adolescents had on average none to a little intentions to use any marijuana, alcohol or cigarettes in the next year. 

Likewise, youth believed that none to some of their friends smoked any cigarettes and used any alcohol and marijuana. 

Youth also intended some to a lot to get physical activity most days a week, eat a variety of healthy foods each day and get 8 hours sleep most nights. 

Lastly, after receiving the program youth believed that some to most of their friends get physical activity most days a week, 8 hours of sleep most nights and eat a variety of healthy foods each day.  

Student comments about participating in the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program included that it: 

  • Helped me to be smart and not make bad choices
  • It helps people stay on track and make better decisions
  • Helps kids be healthier and stay fit
  • It is fun
  • I like that it helps us make healthier decisions
  • How it tries to make you set a goal and workout
  • It made me feel good about some of my life choices
  • I like how it taught us about our bodies
  • It makes me want to improve my health
  • I like the survey that shows what to do and what not to do
  • It provides a reason to think about good and bad habits
  • How it motivates you to set a goal
  • It teaches you healthy habits 

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