Youth Physical Activity & Obesity Resources for Substance Abuse Professionals

Youth Physical Activity & Obesity Resources for Substance Abuse Professionals

Here are two new resources for substance abuse professionals that wish to promote healthy, active lifestyles among youth and young adults.  

Promoting active, healthy behaviors is critical for enhancing positive youth development and preventing substance use and problems among young people. 

The first resource is The State of Obesity Study of Children Ages 10 to 17.  Obesity rates for youth these ages ranged from 19.2% in Utah to 37.7% in Tennessee.  

The states with the greatest obesity among youth were Tennessee, North Dakota, Mississippi and Florida.  

The states with the lowest obesity among youth were Utah, Oregon, Vermont and Montana.  

Look up your state’s rate of youth obesity, and trends across time: 

A second resource is the Youth Compendium of Physical Activities.  This compendium lists 196 common activities in which youth participate, and the estimated energy cost associated with each activity. 

 The Youth Compendium provides energy cost values for:

  • Sedentary activities, such as lying down or watching TV
  • Standing, doing household chores, and playing active video games
  • Playing and participating in games and sports activities
  • Walking and running

Check out the energy cost values for these and other physical activities, and learn: What is a youth MET? 

Please like and share these important resources with others in your region and state.  Thank you.

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