Industry & Founding Advisory Board Members

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC has two types of Advisory Boards.  The first is the Founding Advisory Board which was created in the early days of forming Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW).  The Founding Advisory Board consists of three highly successful business leaders who have and continue to provide essential advice and support on critical business issues related to PPW’s growth and sustainability, along with the President of Prevention Plus Wellness.

The Industry Advisory Board was created more recently and consists of a small number of the country’s top substance use prevention and education professionals to provide critical intellectual, creative and social capital to advance the mission of Prevention Plus Wellness.  Industry Board Members usually serve a one-year term.

A brief bio of both Founding and current Industry Advisory Board Members is provided below.

Founding Advisory Board Members

Chudley Werch, PhD

Dr. Chudley Werch was raised in rural Wisconsin where he witnessed alcohol and drug misuse throughout his formative years.  He received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1983 and began his career in addictions prevention, education, research and training.  He has held several tenured academic positions and retired to found Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC where he serves as CEO.  Dr. Werch created four nationally recognized evidence-based substance use programs and a wide range of evidence-informed prevention programs that promote protective wellness lifestyles.  He lives in St. Augustine, Florida with Lauren, his wife of 37 years, and has three adult children.  

John Greenwald


Grounded in Midwest manufacturing, experienced in software development and deployment, sales/marketing, human resources, finance, operations, distribution, LEAN manufacturing, product development, services, consulting. Extensive leadership development training and practical, hands-on experience. Success spans multi-billion dollar corporate environments, lean small businesses and starving start-up endeavors. Sales leadership, technology leadership, multi-site business leadership.  Expert in sales/distribution channel conflict.

Mike Dryden

Mike has over 29 year’s professional experience working in capital fund raising and real estate. He has consulted with more than 40 institutional and economic development organizations having raised more than $105 million. Mike is currently a Senior Partner with Funding Solutions.  Mike is also a licensed real estate broker in the State of Florida. He owns an independent real estate brokerage and development company. He previously owned and operated a commercial property management company before the successful sale of the business. Having completed $30 million in real estate transactions, Mike has successfully represented individuals and businesses in the management, marketing, contract negotiation, acquisition, and disposition of residential and commercial real estate. 

Michael Werch

Mike is the former CEO and founder of Video Guidance, a visual communication and conferencing services provider company based in Minneapolis, MN. From start-up and growth to eventual merger and sale to a global partner, Mike was responsible for day-to-day operations and overall success of the organization. Now semi-retired, Mike is currently CEO and co-founder of Puck Hero, a hockey training and gaming company that makes the hard work of better stick handling a fun and exciting challenge for youth hockey players.

Industry Advisory Board Members

Christine Cavallucci

Christine Cavallucci is a licensed clinical social worker and the Executive Director of a school and community-based substance misuse prevention program in New York. Since 1987, she has worked in the field of prevention and school mental health.  During this time she has developed school-wide crisis and trauma response protocols, trained school leaders, teachers, and counselors in all aspects related to school mental wellness, provided workshops for parents and youth, and presented at local, state, and national conferences.  She is certified to train in programs such as Youth Mental Health First Aid and the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.  Christine is also a co-developer of RRR, Refuse Remove Reasons, an evidence-based multimedia high school substance misuse prevention curriculum.

Heather Drahota

Heather Drahota is a Health and Safety Programs Manager at Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department in Northeast Nebraska. She has been involved in substance abuse prevention programs since 2011 as a coordinator and then as a supervisor. Heather also supervises other health and wellness programs and provides input to other programs. She is part of a five-person managerial team that manages the health departments day-to-day operations.

Amy McKown


Amy is employed as a clinician through a substance abuse outpatient counseling agency and have been working with that agency for over three years. I have my Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant licensure, as well as licensure for Registered Applicant which allows me to provide prevention services. The greatest portion of services I provide is non-intensive outpatient counseling treatment to adults with substance abuse issues. We also provide prevention services to local youth and grade schools. I have been providing prevention services to the school and youth for about three years and became certified to provide the evidence-based program Vaping PPW to elementary, middle, and high school students. This program allowed us to provide brief intervention strategies to help adolescents develop healthy habits and avoiding use of vaping, as well as other substances, in a quick and effective presentation. We have implemented this program to both of our local schools and worked with third, sixth, and ninth grade students. As COVID-19 impacted in person services, this program allowed us to reach our students and youth as needed with online services to be able to continue reaching students with prevention services. I am always gaining more experience and knowledge through working with a variety of age groups and the different services we continue expanding to reach all populations. 

Barry T. Schmidt, MPH, MS, CPC-R

Barry is a substance abuse Prevention Consultant and Project Director with the Neighborhood Resource Center and the Project Coordinator for the Bay County Prevention Network. Over the past 30 years, Barry has worked with communities, youth and parents on issues affecting health and quality of life. He is responsible for assessing, planning, and implementing a wide array of programs in the arena of substance abuse prevention. Barry is a graduate of Bay City Central High School, possesses a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and Community Development, has a master’s degree in Public Health from Walden University, Master’s Degree in health Promotion Management from Nebraska Methodist College and has been a Prevention Consultant for 20 years. In his free time, he spends time with his wife and twenty-five-year-old son and is actively involved in his church.