Marijuana Awareness Workplace Training

An essential e-learning tool for understanding how to maintain compliance with quickly changing marijuana laws and use. 

Addresses emerging legal, policy, health and safety issues related to marijuana legalization. 

Differentiates marijuana fact from fiction for business owners, HR managers, safety directors, substance abuse professionals, EAP professionals, and health specialists. 

Printable course completion certificate with a one-year certification. Online anytime and anywhere.  Self-study and self-paced. 

Includes colorful graphics, brief portions of content, and narration provided by a recognized expert in the field.  Comes with additional online marijuana resources to enhance and extend your learning beyond the initial training.  

Continuing access to course content after completion.  Automatic email notification of content updates to stay up-to-date. 

Let us help your business managers and employees get documented compliance training on quickly changing medical and recreational marijuana legislation and policy requirements.