PPW Program Screening/Feedback Survey

Individuals and organizations using Prevention Plus Wellness programs can download and print the newly updated Screening Survey Addenda and Feedback Survey measures for assessing all PPW program fidelity and pre-post program effectiveness. 

These new forms are scannable and replace older versions of our program screening survey addenda and feedback surveys.  

The new surveys will allow you and your organization to assess the impact of your evidence-based and evidence-informed PPW program effects on quantitative measures of behavioral intentions, social norms, influenceability, substance use susceptibility, substance use avoidance efficacy, wellness behavior efficacy, and qualitative data on participant responses to lessons.   

These measures address substance use including alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarette, marijuana and other illegal drug use and protective wellness behaviors including participating in physical activity, healthy eating, getting adequate sleep and controlling stress.

In addition, qualitative measures on the feedback survey collect post-program responses critical to promoting and sustaining your program as well as improving it over time.

Download your free survey copies today: Prevention Plus Wellness Program Screening Addenda & Feedback Survey

We are happy to provide your organization a free online “Show and Tell” demonstration of our new scannable survey, procedures for collecting surveys when implementing your PPW program, steps for scanning completed surveys, and how the use of scannable surveys can be customized to your setting and population to provide critical actionable prevention and wellness information without the need to conduct time-consuming follow up data collection. 

Request your demo today: info@preventionpluswellness.com, (904) 472-5022.