SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness Online

The quick and easy to use evidence-based SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program was developed to provide a practical yet powerful substance use prevention program that promotes physical activity, sports, health and performance-enhancing habits among youth. 

However, even this brief, single-session program can sometimes be a challenge to implement, especially for understaffed organizations, and those with large numbers of youth to serve in a limited time frame. 

The solution is the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Online Program.  This is a self-administered e-learning adaptation of the evidence-based prevention with wellness program for professionals and parents who want to promote active, healthy and substance-abuse free lifestyles among children and adolescents. 

Youth can access the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness Online Program from any device at any time, and in any setting.  For example, schools, youth organizations, sports programs, and even at home by parents or as a class assignment. 

The SPORT PPW Online Program comes in an easy to use, self-paced and self-study program format.  The Online Program contains colorful graphics, brief portions of content, and narration by a recognized expert in the field.  It also includes a printable course completion certificate. 

Like the original SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program, the Online Program guides youth through a self-administered screening of their current health habits, provides feedback and fitness-focused positive image messages and illustrations, and requires youth to complete a goal plan to avoid substance use and increase one or more wellness-promoting habits. 

Program evaluation data collected during the Online Program may be used to assess the immediate effectiveness of the program for groups of participating youth.