2 New Prevention Program Training Opportunities

2 New Prevention Program Training Opportunities

#1: Host a Prevention Program Training Workshop

Host an online or onsite Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Program Implementer's or Training of Trainer's Workshop for a minimum of 10 individuals from your region or state and your organization receives free program materials (just purchase your Program Implementer and/or Training of Trainer Workshop).  That's a $499 savings per program and person!

All invited participants get a free Program Implementer Workshop (they just purchase their program materials).  That's a $249 savings per program and person!

Learn more about the benefits of hosting a prevention training workshop: https://preventionpluswellness.com/pages/host-a-program-training-workshop

#2: Reduced Priced Youth Leadership Training

New reduced priced Prevention Plus Wellness Youth Leadership Training provides adolescents and young adults with an opportunity to assume a responsible and active leadership role by providing an evidence-based prevention program to their peers. 

Training youth and young adults as evidence-based prevention program implementers opens youth to experiencing additional benefits beyond receiving a prevention intervention themselves, including:   

  • Becoming a positive role model,
  • Experiencing providing meaningful service to others,
  • Learning professional responsibilities, and
  • Gaining personal and leadership knowledge, skills and self-confidence. 

The new online training workshop is just $499 for up to 50 youth and adult mentors.

Learn more: https://preventionpluswellness.com/products/ppw-youth-leadership-training-onsite-workshop

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“The opposite of substance use isn’t non-use, it’s wellness!”

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