ADAPP to Provide Multiple PPW Programs & Training

ADAPP to Provide Multiple PPW Programs & Training

The Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program (ADAPP) will be providing multiple Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs and training opportunities in their region.  

ADAPP has purchased several Unlimited PPW Program & Training Licenses allowing them to offer a range of youth and young adult prevention programs and media campaigns to their organization’s youth as well as other prevention and health providers throughout their geographic area. 

These prevention programs include: 

  • SPORT Alcohol & Cannabis PPW Middle & High School Programs
  • InShape PPW for Young Adults
  • PPW Opioid & Stimulant Program for Young Adults
  • Marijuana PPW Media Campaign
  • SPORT Alcohol PPW Media Campaign 

The Unlimited PPW Program & Training Licenses also permit ADAPP to share access to the PPW Program Implementer Training Portal to anyone they within their region. 

Together, these multi-year PPW Program Licenses will allow ADAPP to increase their prevention footprint across various organizations, agencies and coalitions to provide evidence-based substance use prevention programs and training and multi-media campaigns which promote healthy lifestyle behaviors improving the mental and physical wellbeing of youth and young adults in New York schools, colleges and communities.  

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Learn more about PPW Unlimited Program & Training Licenses: 

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