Cyberbullying and Short Sleep Duration Among Adolescents

Cyberbullying and Short Sleep Duration Among Adolescents

A recent study published in Sleep Health (2022) examined the associations of cyberbullying victimization, perpetration, or both with short sleep duration among adolescents.

Cyberbullying victimization, perpetration, or both perpetration and victimization was associated with greater odds of short sleep duration.

Data on 6834 adolescents aged 11-20 years were derived from a representative cross-sectional study of middle and high school students across Ontario, Canada. 

Results further indicated that younger students who were not cyberbullied had a lower probability of short sleep duration, but there was no difference in the probability of short sleep duration between being cyberbullied or not among older adolescents.

Sex and screen time did not moderate any of the associations between cyberbullying involvement and short sleep duration.

Involvement in cyberbullying as either a victim, a perpetrator, or both is associated with short sleep duration among adolescents. 

These results support the continuingly growing literature indicating that sleep should be a target in programs to prevent bullying among youth.

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