Does Your Prevention Program Improve Youth Health Behaviors?

Does Your Prevention Program Improve Youth Health Behaviors?

There are two strategies you can use to assess whether your Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program is preventing/reducing substance use and increasing healthy habits among participating youth.

These two strategies include:

One, implement our online Health Behavior Survey both before (pretest) providing your PPW program and again 3-months later (posttest). 

This tool, which can be tailored to your needs, measures not only risk and protective factors for substance use and other health behaviors but actual current substance use and healthy behaviors.

Here is a sample of the online PPW Health Behavior Survey to review:

Two, identify a comparison group of youth like those who you will provide your PPW program to (e.g., same age/grade, gender, and ethnicity) and collect pretest and posttest surveys from them too.  After you collect posttest surveys, this second group of youth can then receive the PPW program.

By having a comparison group, you’ll greatly strengthen your evaluation design and assessment of your program’s outcomes.

For more help with your PPW program’s evaluation, or to request a free customized link or QR code to the PPW Health Behavior Survey, contact us: or call: (904) 472-5022.

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