Expanding School-Based Prevention Programs

Expanding School-Based Prevention Programs

Here is a great article by Safe Solutions on the need for, and how to expand school-based prevention programs.

According to the article’s authors,

“There is a vast offering of school-based prevention programs that can enhance and create a whole school approach to youth development that can serve to prevent substance use before it starts. Such a proactive upstream strategy is needed to prevent the devastating consequences that can present with substance use, misuse and abuse.”

The article highlights SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) as a promising practice. 

SPORT PPW is listed on numerous evidence-based programs registries under various labels, including as an evidence-based, research-based, promising and model program, depending upon the registry.

Since SPORT and other Prevention Plus Wellness programs are just one, 45-minute scripted motivational session designed to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors, they have the advantages of being appealing and both easily and quickly implemented to youth and adults in any setting. 

Read the entire article on expanding school-based prevention programs: https://www.yoursafesolutions.us/wiki/Expand_School-Based_Prevention_Programs

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