Factors Associated with Drug Use Among Heavy Drinking Young Adults

Factors Associated with Drug Use Among Heavy Drinking Young Adults

A new study published in APA PsychNET examined the association between drug use levels and substance-free activity engagement, future orientation, and reward deprivation among heavy drinking young adults. 

Results showed drug use among heavy drinkers is associated with lower academic engagement and exercise, future orientation, and reward deprivation. 

The authors suggested that prevention approaches should attempt to increase future orientation and availability of drug-free reward.  

This study indicates the importance of integrating content and strategies aimed at increasing exercise and physical activity within substance abuse prevention programs. 

This study also suggests prevention programs should target future orientation, or one’s ability to set future goals and plans, such as by providing young people with opportunities to set goals and commit to personal contracts.  

Lastly, this study indicates that providing more rewards and environmental cues for academic engagement and exercise may be efficacious prevention strategies. 

These implications are most salient for heavy drinking young adults but are likely to be useful as universal prevention strategies for youth and young adults.

 Read the research abstract: http://psycnet.apa.org/record/2018-12688-007 

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