Free Prevention Plus Wellness Zoom Consultation

Free Prevention Plus Wellness Zoom Consultation

We are happy to provide a free Zoom consultation of 15-30 minutes in length or longer to present an overview of PPW programs and training or to discuss any questions or issues you may have.

Topics can include:

  • Information about a PPW program(s) for youth or parents
  • Overview of PPW multi-media campaigns
  • PPW training options
  • Licensing information
  • Implementing a PPW program
  • Evaluating a PPW program
  • Pretest/posttest survey data charts and analysis
  • Customized pretest/posttest survey links/QR codes
  • Partner with PPW on research or dissemination
  • Free PPW resources

If you are interested in learning more about PPW programs or training, or are a current PPW provider, just let us know when you’d like to schedule your free consultation session.

We are always available to help!

Thank you.

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