Healthy Communities Office Offering InShape PPW Programs

Healthy Communities Office Offering InShape PPW Programs

The Providence Healthy Communities Office (HCO) in Providence, Rhode Island is providing the InShape Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program to young adults in their region. 

The HCO is the City’s lead agency for health policy, health promotion and substance use disorder prevention.  It works to ensure that Providence residents have equitable access to the resources they need to lead healthy lives. 

The HCO purchased multiple InShape PPW programs as well as online program implementer training courses for its prevention professionals. 

InShape PPW is a quick and easy to use brief intervention for prevention and health professionals, peer leaders and others who want to prevent substance misuse and promote healthy lifestyle behaviors and positive identities of young adults.   

InShape PPW is the only single-session substance misuse prevention program designed to increase wellness-enhancing behaviors including physical activity, healthy eating, getting adequate sleep, and practicing stress control.  It can be implemented in any setting including college campus, community, health care, military, sports, recreation, and others.  

Learn more about the Health Communities Office:,need%20to%20lead%20healthy%20lives

Learn more about InShape PPW: 

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