Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines for Youth Goal Setting

Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines for Youth Goal Setting

The following evidence-informed health behavior recommendations and resources were presented in a recent webinar designed to assist substance use prevention and health providers, parents and youth identify specific goals for improving healthy lifestyles of youth and young adults. 

Healthy lifestyle recommendations were selected from science-based sources and target the following seven health areas including:

  1. Physical Activity
  2. Health Nutrition
  3. Getting Adequate Sleep
  4. Controlling Stress
  5. Goal Setting
  6. Mental Wellness
  7. Alcohol Use

We suggest that any goals which are set to improve or increase a wellness-promoting behavior should be coupled with one or more goals to avoid or reduce substance use behaviors, including alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, marijuana, prescription drugs and illicit drugs, that harm healthy lifestyle and positive self-image attainment.

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