Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines for Youth Goal Setting

Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines for Youth Goal Setting

The following evidence-informed health behavior recommendations and resources were selected to help substance use prevention and health providers, parents and youth identify specific goals for improving their lifestyles and wellness. 

Healthy lifestyle recommendations were selected from science-based sources and target the following health areas including:

  1. Physical Activity & Sports
  2. Healthy Breakfast & Nutrition
  3. Getting Adequate Sleep
  4. Controlling Stress
  5. Avoiding Alcohol and Drug Use
  6. Limiting Screen Time
  7. Healthy Behavior Goal Setting

The following health behavior recommendations are for youth, including children and adolescents.  

Each lifestyle behavior individually, but especially taken together, provide young people, prevention and health specialists and parents with research-based guidelines for helping youth set and monitor goals for enhancing their physical and mental well-being, success and happiness.

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