How to Address the Top 3 Youth Substance Use Problems in America

How to Address the Top 3 Youth Substance Use Problems in America

The top three most common substance use problems among US youth include alcohol, e-cigarette, and marijuana consumption.

Prevention of the use and misuse of these three substances can be achieve by either providing:

1) three separate programs addressing each substance individually, or

2) one intervention that targets the prevention of each of the substances.

Both options are available in Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs.

First, PPW provides interventions that address alcohol, e-cigarette, and marijuana use prevention individually for youth of high school, middle school, and elementary school ages. 

These include the practical, one-lesson SPORT (Alcohol/Drug), Vaping (E-Cigarette), and Marijuana PPW programs. 

In addition, we also have an Opioid PPW program for adolescents.

Prevention organizations will often offer their local schools and communities a menu of PPW programs so they can choose for themselves those substance use prevention program topics of most interest and need for their local youth.

Second, PPW provides the SPORT 3 PPW program which addresses alcohol, e-cigarette, and marijuana use prevention in three weekly lessons.

SPORT 3 PPW comes in versions for high, middle, and elementary school aged youth and the Opioid PPW program can be added as a fourth lesson for adolescents.

Lastly, PPW offers separate, one-session parent training programs and multi-media campaigns that address alcohol, e-cigarette, marijuana, as well as opioid, use prevention among youth.

To learn more about PPW program and training for program implementers:

Contact us to set up a free brief Zoom consultation to find out what would work best for your organization: or call: (904) 472-5022.

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